Bisons Club Newsletter
September 15, 2020

 Hello Fellow Bison,

The 3rd Annual Bison Open Golf Tournament came off without a hitch this past Tuesday, September 15, 2020 at Pinelands Golf Club. You couldnít ask for a nicer September day.

The 67 players and the guys from the committee seemed to have a great time enjoying the game and each otherís company after a long Covid 19 break. Someone said they didnít realize what busters these guys still are. I guess thatís a compliment.

The team of Dan Johns, consisting of Steve Iannacone, Tim McCarron, Mike Alvaro, and of course Dan, won the championship with a 12 under par. Danís daughter, Emily Johns, is one of this past yearís Tom Byrne Memorial Scholarship Award winners.

Joe Milo along with Jim Asher, Tom Milo and Justin Milo finished second with 10 under par. Logan Shaffer was the winner of our putting contest, Tom Morris won closest to the flag and Micky Shaw won the long drive. Tom and Micky are retired Washington Township teachers.

A special thanks to all our players, our two sponsors Paul Dobleman and Grimley Financial, all the Bisons club members that made donations, and to John Giacobbe, Al Harris, John Spuler and Dan Washart for helping us make this a very successful fundraiser.

After all was tallied, we raised over $2,500 for our 2021 Tom Byrne Memorial Scholarship Awards.

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